Over the span of the years from 2005 - 2009, I was fortunate to work consistently with U2 through director Catherine Owens, who at the time of our first meeting was curator of content for their live shows. Starting with some animations for the Vertigo tour, we went on to make, at Spontaneous, the Original of the Species video. Shortly thereafter, I started work on their groundbreaking 3D concert film, U23D, providing the opening sequence and titles as well as the branding of the film including posters and logos as well as several effects sequences. This was especially cool, as the film showcased some work I had done for their live content as well. As the band returned to the studio, I was again fortunate to work, with Catherine, on the packaging and book accompanying their new release "No Line On The Horizon", designing the book and manipulating photography by Anton Corbijn and Kenny Morrison.
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